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The speech appears in chapter 13 of South Wind. It's the Count, and he's repeating  advice from an "old teacher":

"'He said: delve deeply; not too deeply into the past, for it may make you derivative; nor yet into yourself--it will make you introspective. Delve into the living world and strive to bind yourself to its movement by a chain of your own welding. Once that contact is established, you are unassailable. Externalize yourself!'"

"Externalize yourself" may well have been Douglas's lifelong philosophy. One could do worse . . .


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>'Don't delve too deep into the past for it will make you derivative; don't 
>delve too deep into yourself because it will make you introspective. But 
>delve deep into the living world and forge your own links with it. Then you 
>will be unassailable.'
>I'm sure someone can give the correct text from South Wind!
>Best wishes

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