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His extant working library in Sommieres (as far as I can recall) consisted of a 
few hundred books, but previously a huge tranche had been included in the second 
sale (to SIUC) of his papers, and these are well catalogued by SIUC. 

Yes, he annotated his books with a variety of marginalia. 
As I am working on his 'Minor Mythologies' (so well produced by Charles Sligh in 
Deus Loci some time ago), I want to know what 'minor mythologies' are among his 
books in Paris/Nanterre, compared to those in SIUC and what I have discovered 
from other sources such as auction catalogues.
As you say, the courtesy of a response by Paris would be a start!
Maybe the ILDS as an organisation would have more 'clout' in obtaining a 
response than an individual scholar such as myself...

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How large was Durrell's "working library" at Sommières?  Did he annotated his 
books with marginalia?  Not a good sign if you can't get the courtesy of a 


On Sep 2, 2010, at 2:40 AM, Richard Pine wrote:

> Has any member of this group had any success in contacting, or obtaining 
> information from, the Bibliotheque Lawrence Durrell at the Universite Paris-X 
> Nanterre?
> I have been able to download the catalogue of the boxed papers acquired by the 

> University in 1994 from LD's last home in Sommieres, but have completely failed 
> to find a catalogue for his working library which was acquired at the same 
> Numerous e-mail requests to the official address 
> (bibliothequelawrencedurrell at u-paris10.fr;) and personally to its director, 
> Corinne Alexandre-Garner, have met with complete silence. 
> While the book collection is much less significant than that held by SIUC 
> (Carbondale) it is nevertheless very important, but it seems that scholars who 

> cannot travel to Paris are being denied access to the information which the 
> working library might yield. It is, surely, inconceivable that, after 16 years, 
> the working library has not been catalogued, or, rather, that the catalogue (if 
> it exists) has not been made available online. 
> Comments welcome.
> Richard Pine
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