[ilds] Bibliotheque Lawrence Durrell, Paris

Richard Pine rpinecorfu at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 2 02:40:25 PDT 2010

Has any member of this group had any success in contacting, or obtaining 
information from, the Bibliotheque Lawrence Durrell at the Universite Paris-X at 
I have been able to download the catalogue of the boxed papers acquired by the 
University in 1994 from LD's last home in Sommieres, but have completely failed 
to find a catalogue for his working library which was acquired at the same time. 
Numerous e-mail requests to the official address 
(bibliothequelawrencedurrell at u-paris10.fr;) and personally to its director, 
Corinne Alexandre-Garner, have met with complete silence. 

While the book collection is much less significant than that held by SIUC 
(Carbondale) it is nevertheless very important, but it seems that scholars who 
cannot travel to Paris are being denied access to the information which the 
working library might yield. It is, surely, inconceivable that, after 16 years, 
the working library has not been catalogued, or, rather, that the catalogue (if 
it exists) has not been made available online. 
Comments welcome.
Richard Pine


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