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Thanks.  Any thoughts about Durrell's claim that his first language was Hindi, although his nanny at the time was Burmese, who presumably spoke Burmese and not Hindi.  I guess it is possible that there are Hindi speaking Burmese.


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>> Actually Hindustani is a term used to describe the speech of modern India which is influenced by both Hindi and Urdu.
>> Hindi is a language belonging to the Hindu heartland of India and is linked with the ancient Indian language Sanskrit, while Urdu has come from the Muslim countries. India was ruled by Mughal emperors settled in India during the medieval period before the British first came during  the seventeenth century to trade during the Mughal rule. Whereas the British later ruled from England, the Mughal emperors had settled in India.
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>> "MacNiven also notes Durrell's claims about speaking Urdu and does not see a contradiction, the two languages being dialects of Hindustani (p. 693, n. 35)."
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