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Charles Sligh Charles-Sligh at utc.edu
Mon Jun 21 06:24:29 PDT 2010

> I'm particularly interested in how Ruthven distinguishes between faking it in literature and faking it in everyday life.

I am afraid that there is no need to go so far afield.

A definitive treatment of this topic was written by Lawrence Durrell. 
This book is called /The Alexandria Quartet /(1957-1960).

In that study, Durrell dramatically and convincingly collapses the 
distinctions between "faking it in literature and faking it in everyday 

Durrell's conclusions are provocative, somewhat controversial, and, by a 
certain measure, irrefutable.

        ABSTRACT: Darley seems to learn that Justine seems to have been
        "faking it" the whole time.

For those readers interested in checking Durrell's findings against a 
second authority, I recommend an earlier study in this same field of 
"faking it," Shakespeare's /Hamlet/.


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