[ilds] ILDS Digest, Vol 39, Issue 11_Urdu, Hindi and Hindustani

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> Actually Hindustani is a term used to describe the speech of modern India 
> which is influenced by both Hindi and Urdu.

> Hindi is a language belonging to the Hindu heartland of India and is 
> linked with the ancient Indian language Sanskrit, while Urdu has come from 
> the Muslim countries. India was ruled by Mughal emperors settled in India 
> during the medieval period before the British first came during  the 
> seventeenth century to trade during the Mughal rule. Whereas the British 
> later ruled from England, the Mughal emperors had settled in India.
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> "MacNiven also notes Durrell's claims about speaking Urdu and does not see 
> a contradiction, the two languages being dialects of Hindustani (p. 693, 
> n. 35)."
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