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I still remember the first time I read /Mill on the Floss/ in a course
with Mason Harris.  I read Hardy's /Tess/ in the same summer, and both
books sent me reeling through Eliot & Hardy.  I only found Durrell
later, and not in a course...

I'd have to say the mother's fear of Tom & Maggie being "drownded" is
closer to what I'd expect to find in a Durrell novel, not the
tear-jerking sentiment at which the Victorians were so adept.  I
certainly don't read those two types of works in the same way nor with
the same expectations, which I'm sure alters what I find.

Later tonight I'll raise a glass to the untimely endings of all
literary characters, wherever and whatever they may be.


On 3 June 2010 19:28, Charles Sligh <Charles-Sligh at utc.edu> wrote:
> Bruce Redwine wrote:
>> Charles,
>> I too cry over Maggie and Tom.  We should all empty our glasses of wine and cry at the passing of Durrell's Alexandria, which has truly refunded itself into memory.
> I'll be there.  Actually, I have the two finger glass at hand right here
> and now, so /ave atque vale/. . . .
> I do not have a sister, but Maggie will always be my sister.
> C&c.
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