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Dear all:

I wanted to let you know that, although it took slightly over a year, I
finally finished the Alexandria Quartet, and I wished to express my
gratitude to the list-serve participants who so generously answered my
questions regarding some of the more obscure portions of the book.  Your
assistance has been invaluable.

I read the Quartet slowly and as carefully as possible, reading and
re-reading, savoring everything, looking up every unfamiliar word, allusion,
geographic reference, poet, philospher and mystic, and attempting to
translate - with your help and the help of the internet -  every word or
phrase from French, Italian, German, Turkish and Arabic.  The whole process
took so long because of this, and, of course, I have a full time job!

The Quartet is a great and rewarding work.  But of all its mysteries, to me
the greatest one is this:  How could Darley be completely unfazed when he
finds out that Justine only wanted to use him;  that Melissa was never
turned on by him; and that Clea wanted out of the relationship so bad she
started going wacko?  II'd be crushed, but not him!

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