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Charles Sligh Charles-Sligh at utc.edu
Wed May 5 15:00:17 PDT 2010

Bruce Redwine wrote:
> James,
> The recurrent "ankle" image, which you've noted before, could you elaborate and give references?  I missed that in my readings.  
I have a feeling that James is alluding to a Durrell book that you and I 
and so many others here do not know as well as he does--/Pied Piper of 

(I see Jamie's email posted just now has already remedied the situation.)

Fortunately, James has produced an edition to help us catch up.

Helpfully, we can search for the term "ankle" in his edition online:


And as you and I do know, Bruce, Homer's lasses had the best ankles of 
all time--"slim-ankled," "lovely-ankled," "fair-ankled," "neat-ankled," 
"white-ankled," "taper-ankled," &c.

You really cannot improve on Homer's epithets.



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