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Bruce's "Many Alexandrias" appears as an intricate, informative and 
sensitive creation particularly for those who like myself have not read 
Michael Haag's book.

Anna Bajocchi.... I suppose one would have to go to Michael Haag's book to 
learn more about her. The photograph is very symbolic of the qualities 
associated with the Alexandria of lawrence Durrell. The balcony itself is 
symbolic - in the novel, Justine is described going out in the evening on to 
a balcony to look at the lighted city of Alexandria while she quotes from 
Cavafy. Would you say that balconies and large windows occupied an evocative 
space in the leisured world between the two World Wars - I am thinking also 
of the mixed world of high Bengali culture and British colonialism in 
Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) during the early twentieth century in India, 
associated with the landed family of the poet Rabindranath Tagore, the large 
mansions in Kolkata and the rural setting of Tagore's school at Santiniketan 
located in the vicinity of Kolkata; and the aestheticism which went with the 
poetry, the dance dramas and the paintings belonging to that era.

But this photograph of Anna Bajocchi also brings to mind a photograph of 
Orhan Pamuk looking over a balcony in Istanbul - probably above Taksim 
Square where his home was located - and his memories of Istanbul.


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> I am pleased to announce the publication in print and electronic form of
> Bruce Redwine's bracing survey of the writings of Michael Haag.
> I encourage all interested members of the Durrell list-serve to read
> Bruce's article online at the following address:
>        Haag?s Many Alexandrias
>        Arion Vol.17.3 Winter 2010
>        http://www.bu.edu/arion/haag%E2%80%99s-many-alexandrias/
> I appreciate the fact that the publishers and online editors of /Arion/
> saw fit to include the accompanying Alexandrian photographs.  Bruce's
> /ekphrasis/ upon those old photographs, along with his close reading of
> Michael Haag's prose style, are at once exemplary and provocative.
> Work well done, Bruce.  Cavafy's shade smiles, I fancy, looking
> something like La Gioconda.
> Charles
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