[ilds] Durrell's Diction

Charles Sligh Charles-Sligh at utc.edu
Sat May 1 14:01:50 PDT 2010

Bruce Redwine wrote:
> Which is not to say we don't make judgments and uphold standards all 
> the time.  Even you, Charles. 
Certainly.  I am ever anxious to underscore my subjective limits.  I do 
that by setting those limits at the top of list. 

All that I write is merely my way of seeing the matter.   And following 
Pater, I believe that, given the difficulties of perception, 
"discrimination" is the most important critical tool of all:  "Why do I 
find or feel this and not that about the prose style?  What does this 
prose style remind me of, and why?" 

The important difference is that I do not insist on universal 
categories, generalized categories, or ideal standards as the measure.  
I do not insist that I am pronouncing according to anything greater than 
my taste, my experience. 

After all, every sentence above includes the first-person pronoun.   I 
learned that reservation--that foregrounding of the subjective--in part 
from reading /The Alexandria Quartet/. 


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