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Charles Sligh Charles-Sligh at utc.edu
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> Dear all:
> Page 126, near the top, Peguin ed. of CLEA: What is a "sancing bell"? 
> What does "sancing" mean? It is in no dictionary I have access to, 
> either book or internet.
At the risk of trespassing into Professor Godshalk's territory, I will 
offer the following:

> This is from the "true Roman tragedy" of The Rape of Lucrece, 
> published in 1609—
> Now, what is love I will thee tell,
> It is the fountain and the well
> Where pleasure and repentance dwell,
> It is, perhaps, the sancing bell
> That rings all in to heaven or hell;
> And this is love, and this is love, as I hear tell.
> Now what is love I will you show,—
> A thing that creeps and cannot go ;
> A prize that passeth to and fro;
> A thing for me, a thing for moe ;
> And he that proves shall find it so,
> And this is love, and this is love, sweet friend, I trow. 

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