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Dunno about 1996, but the 2007 event was sponsored by The British  
Council, Egypt, along with Biblioteca Alexandrina.  The proceedings  
and Q&A on the second day were recorded, but I have no idea where that  
record resides.  Haag may know.  Contact him.


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On Apr 24, 2010, at 10:46 AM, Marc Piel <marcpiel at interdesign.fr> wrote:

> Hi Bruce,
> Nice testimony.  I thought the conference in Alex was in 1996? Were  
> there two conferences in Alex? There wasn't by any chance a  
> recording of the presentation?
> BR Marc
> Le 24/04/10 18:26, Bruce Redwine a écrit :
>> I met Peter Porter at the Durrell Celebration in Alexandria, 2007. He
>> gave the talk on Durrell's poetry, read from the poems, and did both
>> very well. He was a delightful speaker and had the poet's gift to  
>> make
>> words come alive in an unforgettable way. I can still hear his  
>> voice. We
>> talked afterwards and disagreed on matters of interpretation, but  
>> he was
>> open to new ideas and made no claims on authority. We also spent a  
>> day
>> traveling to the western fringe of the Delta. That was a memorable  
>> day,
>> and Peter and his wife Christine helped to make it so. The obituary
>> below doesn't mentioned that Peter edited /Lawrence Durrell: Selected
>> Poems/ (London, Faber, 2006), which is a good introduction to Durrell
>> himself and to Peter's tastes, although I wish he'd included "Bitter
>> Lemons" (1955). Peter will be missed.
>> Bruce

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