[ilds] "the BBC bohemia"

Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Sun Mar 14 09:02:58 PDT 2010

It is not the civil war but I have just started 
reading 1491 by Charles Mann. Fascinating!

Charles Sligh a écrit :
> Denise Tart & David Green wrote:
>> Good post Charles. I imagine Dylan Thomas visited all those pubs and more.
>> Have been teaching Dylan Thomas to my Year 11s and, apart from the fact that 
>> they love his poetry (even if they dont always get it), I have plugged LD 
>> too. In the the context of oxymorons I wrote up "the moon's cool fevers 
>> burn" from Bitter Lemons and connected it to Wintry Fever from the Force 
>> That... well, we had quite a discussion from there and now a new generation 
>> of young Aussies have heard of Lawrence Durrell - and not the Durrell who 
>> wrote My Family etc.
>> cheers Charles and please tell me if the Battle of Chattanooga battle field 
>> is visible from your office window - although I am worried - maybe you are a 
>> Confederate in the Attic?????
> I am glad that you enjoyed the piece, David.
> Your note about pub-life helped me to recall the great 
> meeting-that-was-not, when Nancy and Larry Durrell tried to host a 
> gathering for Henry Miller and Dylan Thomas--cf. MacNiven 206+.
> As for the rest, certain things I cannot deny--My office faces upon a 
> Civil War cemetery, our house is on the back side of Missionary Ridge, 
> and we live 20 minutes north of Chickamauga.
> C&c.

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