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MMmness, I would confirm that H.E does indeed stand for His Excellency and His Eminence is a cardinal like Cardinal Richelieu or Cardinal George Pell, the head of the mick church here in Australia but the the term H. E. is not, in my experience, applied to cardinals.

Now yes, Bruce is right. The Brits do have a fondness for abreviations of this type: F.O = Foreign Office (or fuck off), MOD = Ministry of Defence, GHQ = General Head Quarters etc. Here in Aust. there is not quite the same obsession but, for example, the Third Royal Australian Regiment is known as 3RAR.

In the early 70s the British Comedians Peter Cook and Dudley Moore did a humorous satire of the abreviation and acronym tendencies of the British upper class, something like

"so how's of JF?"

"Oh doing frightfully well. Just got a promotion to MD by old HE down at the MOD, don't you know!"

But let us not talk about the American tendency to leave out vowels or one may well and truly fall out of FAVOUR, what!

BA Dip Ed.

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