[ilds] "whistling through the rigging"

Charles Sligh Charles-Sligh at utc.edu
Thu Jan 14 07:13:28 PST 2010

Apologies for calling up thirst--see below. C&c.

> *
> Food for Fort: On misbehaving pans, whiffy beans and Nigella's apple 
> martini
> Nonstick pans that stick, Nigella's apple martini and the truth about 
> the after-effects of eating beans
> *
> * o Matthew Fort
> o The Guardian, Saturday 9 January 2010 *
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/jan/09/nonstick-pans-beans-nigella

> *Where can I buy Monin green apple syrup? Nigella has a recipe for 
> green apple martini that I'd love to try, but I can't find a UK source 
> for the syrup.*
> *There's a great phrase in one of Lawrence Durrell's tales of 
> diplomatic life, when he describes the first martini of the day as 
> "whistling through the rigging". *I'm not sure if Nigella's version 
> has quite that effect, but the answer to your plea is online, with 
> suppliers queueing up to sell you the stuff: try thewhiskyexchange.com 
> (70cl, £5.99); thedrinkshop.com (£6.54); verdecoffee.com (£6.65 ); and 
> thelairdslarder.co.uk (£6.65). Happy drinking.
> • Got a question for Matthew?
> Email food.for.fort at guardian.co.uk

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