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RW, I think you can survive without knowing much or anything about Special or General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, or Jung's ideas about the Collective Unconscious.  I doubt that Durrell knew much or anything about them either.  I hate to say it, but those names are probably little more than window-dressing.  Others will disagree, of course.  The story is what counts, and you're already appreciating that.  It's probably heresy to say, but my favorite scenes occur at the beginning of Mountolive, when the young diplomat has his first experience with "Egypt . . . as one might repeat the name of a woman.  Egypt."


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>  I have only read one and a half of the Quartet but I listened to the whole lot whilst performing the monotonous task of remastic-ing showers at the Brunel University (dont try it)...The Mp3 audio books gave great pleasure (I think it was the Nigel Anthony reading) and I'm a big fan of the music that accompanied the whole piece (anyone got the music on its own?). What I did not understand, (failed to hear) as I have no knowledge in the way of Quantum anything, is where the books have any connection with strange weaving alchemical qualities, partial layered realities or any of this Einstein "Guff"?
>  I think it was elegant and smoky. Dream-like? But if someone can give a really basic outline or example of where this science appears then I'm game for a listen.
>   Also is there any connection between Carl Jung and Durrell? Thats the new age pyschoanalysis that I really buy into pre-60's?
>  I remain a fan of the duck hunt in Justine but I do love that scene where the little guy gets the knitting needle through the noodle and ends up under a pile of coats. How lovely it would be in that film noir style (but in colour like china town)

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