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Charles Sligh Charles-Sligh at utc.edu
Fri Jan 8 09:53:18 PST 2010

RW HEDGES wrote:
>  I remain a fan of the duck hunt in Justine but I do love that scene 
> where the little guy gets the knitting needle through the noodle and 
> ends up under a pile of coats. 
Good choices, RW.  Those moments both mean mischief and/or murder. 

Durrell chooses interesting moments to make his human sacrifices.   How 
might we chart these deaths--suicides and murders, both real and staged? 

As someone who read quite a bit of Dickens, I am thinking about how the 
greatest "wood-chopping" novelist of the 19th century wood knock off 
characters to heighten tension in his serial runs.


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