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 I have only read one and a half of the Quartet but I listened to the whole lot whilst performing the monotonous task of remastic-ing showers at the Brunel University (dont try it)...The Mp3 audio books gave great pleasure (I think it was the Nigel Anthony reading) and I'm a big fan of the music that accompanied the whole piece (anyone got the music on its own?). What I did not understand, (failed to hear) as I have no knowledge in the way of Quantum anything, is where the books have any connection with strange weaving alchemical qualities, partial layered realities or any of this Einstein "Guff"?

 I think it was elegant and smoky. Dream-like? But if someone can give a really basic outline or example of where this science appears then I'm game for a listen.

  Also is there any connection between Carl Jung and Durrell? Thats the new age pyschoanalysis that I really buy into pre-60's?

 I remain a fan of the duck hunt in Justine but I do love that scene where the little guy gets the knitting needle through the noodle and ends up under a pile of coats. How lovely it would be in that film noir style (but in colour like china town)
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