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 Durrell is an island, that makes sense. New-york and the aftermath of Paris and London of hard stone and flesh as solid as a broad splayed shit heap. Chance found me Durrell; floating as light and orange as a hint of honey and rum in a grape half sqweezed. Marine venus is exactly the pin point of this moment Bruce pointed out. I have been reading it as if I was sipping a fine drink. Yet I normally devour the drink or book far too quickly. I really think that the marine venus is Prosperos amendment. And that Durrell left Islomania is no surprise. He had his fill and we can either talk or live it in admiration.

 I expect to end up on an island myself if lucky, but what charcters rise from his books, those places! Cyprus, Corfu and Rhodes....Amazing. No-one can do more for the earthy sunrise of a Greek morning. I love him. Simply love him. I will never make a Durrell get together but I think I love him more each day. Thats because I only care about his tables and sunsets and holy men and village idiots. Those and the women he loves to raise from the depths of the clear blue. I love Durrell and I wear a badge; "Durrell". Cheers David.+++
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