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It may interest the Executive Board to know that I have a charming handwritten letter w/envelope from LD.
It was in response to a letter from me regarding "A Smile in the Mind's Eye."
At this age in my life - I will be willing to sell it - 
Let me know
Dorothy Cable

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Many thanks for concurring that the minutes of the Executive Board's meetings be posted on the List.  I look forward to reading them in the future.  I can see three advantages to this new policy.  One, openness or "transparency," the term of the day, is valued in its own right and is generally the preferred way of handling business matters.  Two, openness should encourage participation.  Three, keeping the ILDS membership abreast of the activities of the Executive Board will surely lead to a greater appreciation of the extensive work involved in organizing and running this society's activities.  That awareness will accrue to the benefit of the Board itself.  Thanks again for your informative response.


On Dec 3, 2009, at 2:53 PM, Don Kaczvinsky wrote:

> Bruce--
> I have no immediate problem with posting the minutes of our executive 
> board meeting or even our business meeting. I think the transparency you 
> call for is right. Basically the Exec. Board has been meeting at 
> Louisville during the end of February every year.  ILDS sponsors one or 
> two Durrell panels during the Conference on Literature and Language 
> after 1900 and the Board attends and convenes on one of the afternoons.  
> L'ville is centrally located for those on the Exec Board and the 
> conference helps the society make connections to other similar 
> societies. Last year, we even hosted a reception, serving wine and 
> cheese, in an attempt to recruit new members. Of course, with online 
> meetings now possible, a central location may not be so important.
> The real decision for a conference, however, comes not in the Executive 
> Board meeting, but the Business Meeting, during the conference every two 
> years. There, presentations are made to the full society and voted on.  
> The Society recommends a site. I doubt an Executive Board would go 
> against the wishes of the membership, though I suppose that is possible.
> The president collects proposals and asks anyone (as I have done) who 
> wishes to coordinate a conference to make a presentation. Corinne and 
> Isabelle made a presentation in Victoria; and I made one in Paris for 
> New Orleans.   I believe in each case there was only one proposal.  The 
> difficulty here, as Pamela points out, is that there has to be someone 
> on the ground, in the city or area, willing to do the legwork and the 
> organizing.  The other problem, as usual, is money. Do you have a 
> university or institution to help with financial support? How do we pay 
> for the conference?  If the society sponsors a conference and no one 
> attends or we lose money because facilities are too expensive, then we 
> jeopardize the whole society financially. We run on a very thin margin.
> The next Executive Board meeting, btw, will be on Feb. 19th (or within a 
> day or two) in Louisville where I'm sure many of these issues will be 
> discussed.
> Don Kacz

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