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Marc & David:  Thanks for the clarification re the status of N when Prospero's Cell was written and that N initiated the separation. Julia
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Hey David,
Yes Prosperos Cell was written in the tower of the 
Ambron Villa with Eve sitting at his feet.
It was written from notes taken on Corfu. "N." may 
just have been a delicate way of treating the 
matter, or maybe it was "hurt" as she had left 
him, not the other way around. There is a difference.

Denise Tart & David Green a écrit :
> Great photos Charles. I like the one with the pipe in mouth. I note the 
> a pipe affectation did not last long. Interesting that LD seems much 
> happier in the early photos (1960) that in the later ones (1980s) - post 
> death of Claude. Terrible thing to lose your soul mate and not to find 
> another.
> Julia, I am not sure if there is any special way to approach Durrell 
> other than to just read his stuff. I suppose you could read up on the 
> history of the Med., Eastern Mysticism, Gnostic sects and the heresy of 
> the Knights Templar and so on; depends how far you want to go?
> I enjoy reading his books and having a copy of a biography nearby so 
> that I can check up on what was going on his life while the he was 
> writing. This can be insightful. For example, as Bruce Redwine has 
> observed, first wife Nancy hardly features in Prospero's Cell and 
> becomes merely N. Durrell wrote the book after he left Corfu and after 
> he had left her, so it's no love story. He saves that more for the 
> Quartet - and here I have to agree with RW Hedges that a decent film of 
> this work needs to be made. Anyone in Hollywood or London or Paris 
> listening? Sadly, I suspect it would attact a Art house audience and end 
> up in a remore corner of the local video store.
> By the way, to honour Greece and Lawrence George, I am doing a big 
> luncheon next week with recipes taken from Prospero's Cell. This should 
> not be too hard as where I live there are many Greeks, most of whom, 
> possibly all of whom, have never heard of LD.
> octopus in red wine sauce
> macaroni pie
> souvlakhia
> fried eggplant
> Greek salad
> washed down with humongous quantities of wine, Greek and local. Hey come 
> round! it's only 12,000 miles away.
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