[ilds] Alexandria is not much interested in Cavafy anymore

Bruce Redwine bredwine1968 at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 16 09:07:22 PDT 2009


No problem.  Much of Alexandria is falling apart.  Cavafy's "black  
ruins" are more than a metaphor.


On Oct 15, 2009, at 3:18 AM, Marc Piel wrote:

> I'm sorry I used the word "pretend".
> But after all these years the house is still
> squatted and rotting!!!
> http://www.connectcp.org/profiles/profile.php
> Bruce Redwine a écrit :
>> 1.  Dr. Mohamed Awad is an Egyptian and probably Arab in the sense
>> Egyptians think of themselves as Arab, but his "race" is not  
>> relevant in
>> any case.  Nor does he pretend to be anything.  In 2007, he was  
>> Director
>> of The Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Centre, at the  
>> Biblioteca
>> Alexandrina.  At the Durrell Celebration in 2007, he also chaired the
>> discussions on preserving Alexandria's architectural heritage.
>> 2.  "Anyone can find" Cavafy's plaque is like saying anyone can  
>> find the
>> flat where Stendhal wrote /The Charterhouse of Parma,/ once one is  
>> lucky
>> enough to stumble on it on rue Caumartin, 9e arrondissemont, Paris.
>> Bruce
>> On Oct 14, 2009, at 3:09 PM, Marc Piel wrote:
>>> 1. Dr. Mohamed F. Awad, pretends  or pretended to
>>> be at the head of the Alexandria Preservation
>>> trust that claimed to save the Ambron Villa, where
>>> LD lived and wrote Prospero's cell and lived with
>>> Eve Cohen (Justine+).
>>> 2; Kavafi's appartment is signed with plaques that
>>> anyone can find. This appartment is today the
>>> Cafavi museum financed by the Greek Ministry of
>>> culture.
>>> What race and what creed does Dr Awad belong to????
>>> Salutations
>>> Marc Piel
>>> Bruce Redwine a écrit :
>>>> As Dr. Mohamed F. Awad says, "Today Alexandria is a monoglot  
>>>> city:  one
>>>> race, one creed, fundamentally Islamic" ("The House Revisited,  
>>>> the City
>>>> Remembered," /Deus Loci,/ NS 7 [1999-2000], 39).  But Cavafy is not
>>>> entirely forgotten.  Over two years ago, my wife and I wandered the
>>>> backstreets of Alexandria, looking for 10 Rue Lepsius and  
>>>> couldn't find
>>>> it.  An Egyptian was speaking in Arabic to some others.  He saw us,
>>>> broke off his conversation, and asked, "Are you looking for  
>>>> Cavafy's
>>>> flat?  Here, I'll show you."  And he did.  Moreover, he didn't  
>>>> expect
>>>> any bakshseesh.  That was a pleasant surprise.  Greek is still  
>>>> spoken in
>>>> the Café Athineos, mentioned in the /Quartet./  Another  
>>>> surprise.  By
>>>> and large, however, Dr. Awad and Daniel Williams are right.
>>>> Bruce

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