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Tue Oct 13 01:53:56 PDT 2009

 Yes it has dragged on this talk but I like it! I think of course that we should burn the universities to the ground using all our precious books as kindling. You can keep one book!

  What would it be? mines a terrible toss up. of course great books stay with you so it may well be an almanac. To take Prosperos or the Black book is pointless they are all still in my noggin. None of the quartet will do far too down although I do love the duck hunt in Justine. I was thinking Antoine St Exuperys the little prince but in my heart its Tove Jansens Moomin valley in november.

 That is how silly it all gets. Like desert island discs it all opens a really tasty can of worms. Nabakov. Have to read him. Bet you he's not a patch on Gogol!

  Tunc is the next Durrell book i'm reading. No one ever talks about Tunc here. Is it shit?

RW Hedges
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