[ilds] VN & LD

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Sun Oct 11 16:02:44 PDT 2009

Can't help with the exact quote, but in a 1964 interview he referred to Borges and Robbe-Grillet in this way: "How freely and gratefully one breathes in their marvelous labyrinths! I love their lucidity of thought, the purity and poetry, the mirage in the mirror." But in a letter that Nabokov wrote 20 years later, he referred to "Borges' flimsy little fables." I also recall that at some point in his life, Nabokov said something to the effect that he and his wife had enjoyed the view from Borges' terrace, but had eventually discovered that there was no house. But now, of course, I can't find that quote either . . .


Charles: "I believe that VN called Borges "a metaphysician in a sombrero."  I will be beholden to anyone who can give me the precise quote. . . ."

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