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Have to disagree here.  I will be presumptuous and wave the French  
tricolor.  I don't take Darley's/Durrell's use of "French thought" as  
a remotely possible reference, if you're so implying, to French  
"cultural values" of food, wine, and sex.  Durrell's phrase occurs in  
the context of "deadening concepts," ideas or ratiocination, and I  
don't think many would consider French food or all the others  
"deadening concepts."


On Oct 9, 2009, at 11:16 AM, Charles Sligh wrote:

> "I think that Durrell likes his quips and will
> drop them like plums wherever he can to spruce up his  
> narrative."  (Bruce)
> Or drops them one by one, like cherries into lambent waters. . . .
> I was not thinking about irony.
> I was diving for other Durrellian references to French thought in  
> Justine and came up with Lovely Therese.
> We need our French readers to tell us more.
> In the interviews Durrell elevates French food and drink and  
> painting and brothels over British fare.
> But is French "thought" somehow different?
> I would expect a Durrellian character to observe that how a nation  
> eats or drinks or makes love is a more eloquent testimonial to its  
> cultural values than all of its philosophers could make. . . .
> C&c.
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