[ilds] Durrell on the French

Charles Sligh Charles-Sligh at utc.edu
Fri Oct 9 11:16:33 PDT 2009

"I think that Durrell likes his quips and will  
drop them like plums wherever he can to spruce up his narrative."  (Bruce) 

Or drops them one by one, like cherries into lambent waters. . . .

I was not thinking about irony.  

I was diving for other Durrellian references to French thought in Justine and came up with Lovely Therese.

We need our French readers to tell us more.  

In the interviews Durrell elevates French food and drink and painting and brothels over British fare.  

But is French "thought" somehow different? 

I would expect a Durrellian character to observe that how a nation eats or drinks or makes love is a more eloquent testimonial to its cultural values than all of its philosophers could make. . . .

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