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Well said and thanks for referencing a broader context and strategy.   
So, the aphorism is ironic?  Is that what you're suggesting?  I'm  
slow.  Off hand, I don't see how a fatuous metaphor on "French  
thought" corresponds to or elaborates on the De Sade epigraph, its  
either/or argument for crime and suicide, unless both are meant to be  
taken as silly.  The strategy undermines itself.  I suspect, however,  
that no such over-arching plan is going on here, in this instance,  
with Darley/Durrell.  I think that Durrell likes his quips and will  
drop them like plums wherever he can to spruce up his narrative.   
Seems to me that the real "sand moulds" are some of Durrell's metaphors.


On Oct 9, 2009, at 9:47 AM, Charles Sligh wrote:

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> Should we simply
> attribute the comment to Darley's naïveté?  Or is this actually
> Durrell the narrator speaking?
> Bruce:
> Let me also add I would read Darley's comment on Pombal  
> "meretricious" charm as a part of the larger strategy of the opening  
> edpisodes of _Justine_, which put the "Pudding Island" moral  
> certainties of Bournemouth &c. into alien and uncomfortable  
> surrounding.
> Marquis de Sade, Freud, Homosexuality, Gay Poets and Poetry, spices,  
> Adultery, exotic dancers, Child Prostitution, Hashish, slaughtered  
> camels, a dead fetus, and charming lady-killing Frenchmen--oh  
> my. . . .
> That said, how does Darley's pronouncement about "French Thought"  
> work if we bring it into proximity with the opening epigraph on  
> "Lovely Therese" and her little mind?
> C&c.
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