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I think you did.


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> I note that none of the participants in the discussion are female.  
> Or did I miss something?
>         Brewster
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> > Re:  --  Oxbridge or Cambridge
> Several of the corespondents on the List seem to define great writers
> (and even 20th cent. writers) as exclusively male.  I see no reference
> to either Virginia Woolf or Katherine Mansfield, or for that  matter
> other feminine writers (There were some good ones.)    As to  
> education,
> aren't you all forgetting that D. H . Lawrence never attended anything
> other than a redbrick teachers college?  Perhaps there are those who  
> do
> not consider Lawrence a great writer? V.  Woolf had her main
> educational system entirely at home, in her father's library.   She
> lived among Cambridge graduates such as Leonard Woolf and Lytton
> Strachey, and in adulthood often lunched among the Cambridge colleges
> with  friends, but did not study there.  (She also studied Latin and
> Greek with capable WOMEN  tutors and taught herself Russian. ) K.
> Mansfield, brought up in New Zealand, got to England when she was 17,
> but never reached, or considered it necessary, to go to Oxford or
> Cambridge.     Ed Hungerford
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