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I note that none of the participants in the discussion are female. Or did I 
 miss something?
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>  Re:  --  Oxbridge or Cambridge

Several of the  corespondents on the List seem to define great writers 
(and even 20th  cent. writers) as exclusively male.  I see no reference 
to either  Virginia Woolf or Katherine Mansfield, or for that  matter 
other  feminine writers (There were some good ones.)    As to education,  
aren't you all forgetting that D. H . Lawrence never attended anything  
other than a redbrick teachers college?  Perhaps there are those who  do 
not consider Lawrence a great writer? V.  Woolf had her main  
educational system entirely at home, in her father's library.    She 
lived among Cambridge graduates such as Leonard Woolf and Lytton  
Strachey, and in adulthood often lunched among the Cambridge colleges  
with  friends, but did not study there.  (She also studied Latin  and 
Greek with capable WOMEN  tutors and taught herself Russian. ) K.  
Mansfield, brought up in New Zealand, got to England when she was 17,  
but never reached, or considered it necessary, to go to Oxford or  
Cambridge.     Ed  Hungerford

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