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I think Norman Holland's book The I (available on line) makes a good case for a core identity and suggests a mechanism for change.


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I would say the two terms are essentially identical for Durrell, but someone else may disagree.  "Ego," I believe, is the old Freudian term, which has fallen out of favor, along with Freud's fall from grace.  I sense that "self" is the popular term nowadays.  Is the concept of "ego"/self dead?  Well, that's what this discussion is all about.  Is the self fragmented, without a stable identity?  I say no.  Durrell seems to say yes, especially in Monsieur.


On Oct 6, 2009, at 12:30 PM, Jacob Riley wrote:

I wonder if takling about the "self" is different from talking about the "ego". Can the self be composed of many different selves? Durrell has already pronounced upon the death of the discrete ego in the Avignon Quintet and in certain interviews. I'm just not sure if the self and the ego are the same things for Durrell.

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