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Any why not?  Durrell talked freely about himself, perhaps too  
encourage "delving into the black box of [his] soul and character."   
Joyce said he placed enough puzzles in his work to keep people  
guessing for centuries, or something to that effect.  Durrell may have  
been playing a similar game.


On Oct 5, 2009, at 11:44 PM, Ozlem Ince wrote:

> Are we, perhaps, here just for saying: House,
> Bridge, Fountain, Gate, Jug, Fruit tree, Window, -
> possibly: Pillar, Tower?... but for saying, remember,
> oh, for such saying as never the things themselves
> hoped so intensely to be...
> Quoting from Rilke, are not we trying too much to delve into the  
> black box of the soul and character...The influence of not passing  
> the Cambride exams etc. Durell, the author who failed to get into  
> Cambridge-very intense, even for Durell himself.
> Ozlem
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