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Charles Sligh Charles-Sligh at utc.edu
Sun Aug 23 05:24:34 PDT 2009

Thanks for that response, Sumantra.
> I have wached the video on this link, a cooking display of an 
> Alexandrian (?) dish. But Mimi's text ("...it celebrates a mix of 
> different influences ? French, Greek, Italian, Turkish. Traditional 
> French patisseries like Delices and Trianon have stood for over 70 
> years in their same place? Moroccan spice kiosks that fill the air 
> with exotic scents....") is interesting because it suggests that the 
> cosmopolitan presence is still there in Alexandria, represented at 
> least by by the old, still existing culinary establishments.
I posted Mimi's video because I felt the food looked and sounded 
delicious--great aesthetic, right? 

I also thought that Mimi's video offers additional testimony from 
someone who has grown up as an Alexandrian native.  I am certain that a 
number Alexandrians still hold true to the cosmopolitan heritage of 
their city.   I cannot imagine that their loyalty is easy, or at times, 

I do note that Mimi designates California, USA as her current place of 


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