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James Gifford james.d.gifford at gmail.com
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If Durrell's libertarian streak is as real as I've argued, then there's 
a very clear reason why Eagleton would oppose him -- the same reason why 
the likes of Frederic Jameson disregard the likes of Henry Miller.  An 
individualist view (as Eagleton describes Durrell) just doesn't jive 
with the Messianic break into a post-capitalist Utopia at the end of 
history.  That individualist may be anti-authoritarian, but that's the 
actual point -- there's no anti-authoritarian communist paradise, just 
like there's not anti-authoritarian corporate world, and most on 
libertarian left (or its other names) see slow progress rather than 
messianic moments of revolution...

Just me two bits before the internet time cuts me off!


Charles Sligh wrote:
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>> Eagleton
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>> Unfortunately, Eagleton cannot be regarded as a reliable critic of any 
>> author outside the narrow Marxist, social-realist limit of his own 
>> convictions. Because he proceeds from this particular drab, 
>> determinist world-view, he starts from a position of prejudice against 
>> Durrell, the bon viveur, the aesthete, the mystic, and then seeks out 
>> reasons to denigrate him.  It is the same with other authors whose 
>> world-view or lifestyle are different to his own. Seeking Eagleton's 
>> opinions about Durrell is about as useful as asking a lead weight what 
>> it thinks of an orchid.
>> Mark V 

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