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Sumantra wrote: "This seediness associated with the writer has been expressed in the last poem on Lawrence Durrell displayed in a recent post and written by an ILDS Discussion Forum member."

Sumantra poem are you refering to? One of mine or the one by Charles Bryant? I think mine are largely visceral or plays on words which, apart from references to Larry's vinuous habits, make no mention of Durrell's notorious sex life.

Speaking of colonials, one must be careful here as we cannot all be tarred with the same brush. You have the British African and Indian 'born to rule' type colonials who were given jobs as information officers on various British protectorates or possessions (e.g Larry on Rhodes or Cyprus) and then you have the Australian and New Zealand variety who, apart from some issues with their respective indiginous populations and with their strange accents, have never ruled over anyone much except over England on the sporting field, such are our glorious achievements in world history.

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