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The possibilities of the Amr allusion would not have occurred to me  
had you not mentioned the ending to Part I of Justine.  That's the  
value of discussion — goading one to think in new or alternative ways,  
joggling the brain cells to make new connections.  I share your  
enjoyment of Durrell's powerful imagination and the worlds he  
creates.  I consider that his greatest gift, a true Romantic  
disposition.  The real world be damned!


On Aug 14, 2009, at 2:48 PM, Charles Sligh wrote:

> Bruce Redwine wrote:
>> I guess, Charles, you're saying the main text and appended notes  
>> and translations really integrate into one reading experience.  And  
>> here, you're undoubtedly right.
> Well there is always room for doubt, Bruce, but thank you for what  
> you added in response to my question.
> I enjoyed the connection that you made to Darley's post-coital  
> moment.  Cavafy's poems in the Durrell translations now can be  
> colored or inflected by that sense of drift and loss.
> Originally, the loss of the ancient library was on my mind in  
> connection with the broken watch.  I was reminded of that when you  
> passed along the report, with its viewpoints about cleaning out the  
> undesirable, un-Islamic nude statues &c.
> I read /Justine/ &c. for style and treat it all as a dream or as an  
> imaginary world.
> But I understand that is my special privilege, and I have been  
> reminded on occasion that not everyone else can take it that way-- 
> sometimes with a passionate violence, as in Alex in 1996 &c.  For  
> that view, see especially
>   http://www.amazon.com/Girls-Alexandria-Emerging-Voices-Quartet/dp/0704370069
> Which is very much written in opposition to Durrell's imagining of  
> Alexandrian women.
> Take care--
> Charles
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