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Laconically adroit witnessing,
Rascal, Energetic neurotic.
Contemplative existentialist.
Diving under rational reefs,
Evenings lusting liquers

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On 10/08/2009, at 2:19, Bruce Redwine <bredwine1968 at earthlink.net>  

> Dr. D.,
> Good idea, but I'm no poet, just a lowly critic.  My favorite
> hemistich:  "Bitch bitch bitch!"  Bryant has written a perceptive
> poem, a sad one, which identifies Durrell gifts and problems.  It is a
> "loving tribute," but also an honest one.  I do not, however, find
> most of the poetry, "rather flat," but like Bryant, often wonder,
> "what did it really mean?"  Finally, I just love Bryant's reading —
> his accent, humor, and cadence.  I append the poem at the end.
> Bruce
> On Aug 8, 2009, at 5:11 AM, BIGPOND ACCOUNT wrote:
>> G'day Bruce....thanks for the youtube link and I propose an
>> international LD poetry competition:
>> "paint a
>>     poetic
>>         portrait
>>           of Lawrence Durrell"
>> The entries can post their entries on you tube and the poem with the
>> highest view score in 3 months will win and collect a painting by
>> Uncle Efps!....the Australian Durrell Society (ADS) will be sure to
>> post a powerful poem and David and I will be hard at work over Shiraz
>> to shape an ode to Uncle Epfs.... Perhaps as the berkeley boy you'd
>> inspire us a little by squeezing a little poem out about our beloved
>> Larry soon.... Hope your well and like to see you on YouTube soon!!
>> Agape
>> AD
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>> On 08/08/2009, at 8:23, Bruce Redwine <bredwine1968 at earthlink.net>
>> wrote:
>>> YouTube.  Charles Bryant reads his poem on LD.
>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLoa4d-aev
> by Charles Bryant
> Really rather a grubby little man!
> Stink of Gauloises and last night's spilt gin.
> Attempting to be fashionably gay,
> his heart not really in it.
> The sirocco was always blowing;
> sometimes the more exotic sharp khamseen;
> the shrubbery packed with cicadas sawing away;
> bougainvillea blooming up the drive.
> Hung over, groping for another drink
> and finding the bottle empty.  Bitch bitch bitch!
> His publishers deferential but demanding
> just like the latest mistress, some old biddy
> reeking of the casbah and stale sex.
> The awful poetry:  what did it really mean?
> Endlessly sprawling novels with Latin names.
> An ex-pat to his very ex-pat bones
> lounging about Greek islands.  Civil servant
> manqué; admirer of Cavafy
> and Krafft-Ebbing.  Scobie
> his most glorious creation,
> self-portrait with earth-closet;
> parrot scurrilously quoting the Koran.
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