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Yes, the earthy Durrell who loved mediterranean peasant food, cheap wine and cigs and aspired to peasantness through dress: heavy corduroy trousers, thick flanelet checked shirts and course woolen caps and who attended a literary event in the 1980s in the guise of an onion seller. The man who spoke with Public School tones but saw writing as chopping wood, a metaphor for hard work or a link to his peasant image; both methinks.

Both Larry and Gerry had ribald streak a mile wide although Gerry prefered five star hotels and haute cuisine to building stone walls and supping minestrone with a class of cooking claret.

Cheers to Roys comment of Spirit of Place and the Durrell/Miller thing - puts my own ambitions quite in the shade on a bright Sydney morning.


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   I'm reading spirit of place. An earthy Durrell. A human Durrell.
   More my Durrell...

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