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 Did anyone ever answer my question as to where on earth the film of spirit of place can be found?


  As I said before I have been enjoying it very much, along with Prosperos cell. Certainly as much fun to read as Millers Collosus.

  That brings me back to the fact that Durrell in his letters is very teasing towards his friends and contempories in regards to Tropic of Cancer and having read the Durrell miller letters I have to say that the Durrell explanation is void without this rogue (in the eyes of serious Durrellians Miller comes across as some sort of Spastic Sex offending word ape) I still regard the later Miller books as being wholesome from 'Remember to remember' to 'Stand still like the hummingbird' he lets you right in on the living side of life. Or he plays silly and pretty with 'The smile at the foot of the ladder' which apart from its shock happy ending is Tove Jansen worthy. Thats what Durrell loved right? The man in us, the woman in us. Certainly least of all the artist if many of his characters and thoughts on other writers is anything to go by.  That signed picture of Miller and Durrell I have with Durrell wearing the Bernard Shaw Moustache and grinning like a toffee covered etonian still makes me smile.

 I also have to say that David Green very kindly helped me compose what you guys might see as a tiddly little poem (Prosperos) for fellow Durrellians and I think his support and friendship has made being on this site a very real and worthy experience for me, as flammy and out of touch as I may seem. I think thats whats great about Durrells travel books. They have the literary man down to the skin. I like that. I like the hump back, the paunch and the devil. At least as much as any mystical character from the Quartet (of which I am still paused in time at the beginning of Balthazar).  

 Anyway. Rain In LOndon and I want to pull all of the protruding parts of my body off and fry them and then eat them. Thats the day job talking. Calm down Roy its ok. Keep calming with Spirit of place and a glass of Ventroux. Phew.

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