[ilds] Durrell, Bakhtin, and Joyce--Carnival genres/menippean satire

Jacob Riley jtriley at unca.edu
Mon Jun 1 17:25:03 PDT 2009

Hello everyone from the Durrell discussoin group. I am curious if anyone has
read any criticism about Durrell's possible relation with Petronius'
Satyricon and other so called 'menippean satires'. I am a student at
University of North Carolina Asheville and am hoping to write my thesis on
Durrell, but work within the framework of Bakhtin's description of the
carnival/menippean satire genres. I wrote a short paper on Joyce's relation
to Bakhtin's concept of carnival and am looking to expand it to Durrell. I
am also interested in thinking about (theoretically) the connection between
Bakhtin's conception of Carnival with the sort of 'play' of
post-structuralist theory. Anything anyone could direct me to could be
useful--or if you simply would like to discuss this issue with me. As far as
the novels go, I have read Durrell's Black Book, the Alexandria Quartet, and
am through the first 3 books of the Avignon Quintet (planning on finish it
in the next few days).

                                  -Jacob Riley
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