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Are you sure? I have read the words of people who knew Lawrence. He knew otherwise(I have friends in high Durrell places). He lived by octopus. He had no words (no way beyond this, he gave little) escaping the war literally. Strange. Miller letters? No-one has the ballls. Milk lord makes you happy.
Not these words. He may well be bothered by my fanship but he would have wanted me to say this. I'll wait for the rest. all good.balls magrunty. Good luck and wait for the Lawrence I can see....... god like. Really the end of Justine. I know no other. Such a short life. for me a great Durrell release.Good luck. I happen to have a line above word lord. try.
 A Black spring. A Black Book. I have a barbeque. You know a glass of Retzina might calm me.

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