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Roy, Gerry was definately more epicurean than Larry and one can see this from fact that Gerald was far more corpulent than his prose + the the fact that he was also a bigger drunk than Larry and consumed considerable amounts of beer before moving onto wine, whereas Larry mainly drank wine and prefered simpler fare.

But Larry liked his tucker too and in my Family and other Animals we see the young Gerry lampooning his brother's penchant for good food.

In Prospero's Cell there is a wonderful description of eating sun warmed grapes and in Bitter lemons a lamb and garlic pida rolls (washed down with pilsener) and in Marine Venus we have the lamb roast scene; i could smell and taste that.

Gerry wrote potboilers, but he wrote good potboilers and was encouraged by his elder brother.

If it was not for My Family and other Animals, I would never had discoved Larry. I was so fascinated by Larry and his friends and they were portrayed by Gerald, that I wanted to know more about and so I entered LD universe.

I laugh more at Gerald's work, but I get a lot more out of Larry's - I move into his world as through a dark crystal, as through a refraction in the atmophere into another cosmology. only really good writers can do that and set it in our time and make it plausable: the slowcoach of a train that leads to Epidarus - or Milos!!

Myth becomes magic and magic becomes the book your reading set in a city or place you know or do not as the case may be.


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