[ilds] I have a knack of of asking all the right/wrong questions

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For those of you interested in Durrell's life in London, please look at the next issue of DEUS LOCI: THE LAWRENCE DURRELL JOURNAL, which will publish an article entitled "Hollow Responses: An Exploration of Lawrence Durrell's London" by Roderick Child.  Please contact me if you wish further information about the journal or look on the Durrell Society web site.

                                                                 --Anna Lillios, editor

Subject: I have a knack of of asking all the right/wrong questions
From: RW HEDGES <rwhedges at hotmail.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 11:58:00 +0000
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  Thank you Richard and Carrie for some Durrell enlightening.
  It is typical of me to ask a question that answers itself the second I 
have sent it to all these Durrell experts.
   If you dont ask you dont get I reckon. No, Durrell would not have 
wanted a silly plaque unless it was decorated like a pie or a pudding 
perhaps? I cant stand wondering the streets with my neck crained 
wondering what the hell Lord Thasby of Sitwaggs ever did for me 
anyway.... I guess asking these questions is good for me.
  I doubt Orwell would have cared to have his face on the wall outside a 
posh burger bar (the bookshop he worked in) in Hampstead, but then up 
the road you pass Ruth Ellis' Pub (last women to hang in GB) and then 
Orwells plaque right at end of the road as you hit the Parliament hill 
which makes for great Spring wine sessions (hopefully you dont bump into 
Bill Oddy) whilst listening to the Ink Spots and musing on the ghost of 
Keats who must be near by.
  I guess I have mixed emotions? I like to find out where, how, why and 
when and I am truly grateful for your words, (Richard and Carrie and 
crew) Its fascinating.
  The truth is I could do my own research perhaps but I cant stand 
looking throught the internet trying to find information that a human 
can give me with some flavour and some kind of interest.
   They knocked down the Frays adult education college in Uxbridge 
(where I currently live)....Orwell wrote his purple prose novel 'Burmese 
Days' here. He also hated Uxbridge, Hayes, Slough etc...all of these 
places amalgamating into his essays and novels. You see its a link, and 
Orwell liked Miller and Miller liked Durrell and I read all three of 
course. I cant wait to leave London but it was a great feeling to go to 
the Crystal palace whilst reading the Black book, it just made 
sense....So whilst i'm here I feel all the history. I even wondered 
which pub Lesley Durrell used to frequent in Notting Hill? I dither.....
   Again Thankyou for accepting me into the society at a time when as an 
artist I feel completely outside any of the current fashion and trend 
(not that I know or care what they are?)

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