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To be fashionable is to date quickly. Did LD worrie about contemporary literary fashion? He certainly worried about selling books, but you could hardly say he was a popular author in his day. Sure the Quartet made him a star, but the circle of appeal was not that large. As we have suggested here a little back, LD achieves a timeless style. I think you could pick him up in 100 years and words would be a strong and colourful as they are now. To hell with fashion I say.

Carrie, thank for striaghtening out the book signing story. The way you tell it is correct. My memory was a tad adled.

Last on Tv there was a movie about Elizabeth David in which Norman Douglas featured several times as white linen coat and cravat wearing, well spoken Gent. He had some of the best lines in the film. The Camera dwelt on several of his books, given to Elizabeth as presents and one of them, a copy of late Harvest, appeared to be the same as one I have which formerly belonged to Ronald Storrs, one time governor of Jerusalem. I am thinking the edition I have may be quite valuable?

There was also a scene in the film set in Cairo 1944 with a punch of ex pats at a party and I tried to observe any identifiable LD character. Does anyone know if one was intended for certainly Elizabeth David knew Larry and I believe they met a few times at parties. Elizabeth David was certainly unconventional, outside the fashion; the sort of person society needs in fact. Look at her achievements.

Here's to Silver age prose, outsiders, eccentrics and wine


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