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Good morning David

Thank you for your encouragement.  I am aware that the only  
contributions I can offer, although I have read most of Larry's work,  
are personal memories rather than academic opinion.

Yes David, that is a true story re Larry having been asked to sign 'My  
Family and Other Animals'.  However, I don't remember Larry saying he  
had, had a conversation with the lady first, rather that she  
recognized him as Gerry, or so she thought, and asked if Larry would  
sign his book, handing him a copy of 'My Family and Other Animals'.   
Larry did sign the book as the author's brother, the better writer.


On 25 Jan 2009, at 03:22, Denise Tart & David Green wrote:

> Carrie,
> Thank you so much for your contribution. I enjoy your infrequent  
> excursions onto this list - and I always learn something from them.  
> Larry is someone I would very much like have had a wine or six with  
> and, as you knew him well, perhaps you could share some more stories  
> with us?
> The way you contrast the two brothers is revealing. The grand Gerry  
> and the 'onion seller' Larry. It perhaps explains why, despite their  
> mutual love of the booze, Larry reached a greater age than Gerald  
> and was not as portly.
> There is a story I know of where Larry was on a plane to somewhere  
> and got talking to the woman next to him. She mistook him for Gerald  
> and asked for his autograph. Larry informed her of her error and  
> signed one of Gerry's books with his own name describing himself  
> also as a much better writer.
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