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Hello Mr Hedges

I was briefly a contributer to this forum, probably early last year.   
Larry and my stepfather, Alan Thomas, were contemporaries and close  
friends for the better part of their lives, Alan died in August 1992.   
And although I didn't get to know Larry until the mid 1960's I was  
regaled with stories from the early years, and given a box of relevant  
photos which adds another dimension to the stories.

To my knowledge there is no Blue plaque in London for Larry.  The only  
place I was aware of Larry staying when in London, in all the years I  
knew him, was my parents house at 16 Hobury Street, one door off the  
Kings Road at the World's End in Chelsea.  He used their house as a  
base to which he was always welcomed.  Mother gave splendid and very  
delicious dinner parties for Larry and friends (more often then not  
the guests would be mutual friends of both Larry's and Alan's).  Larry  
didn't enjoy staying in hotels like his brother Gerry.  When in London  
Gerry almost always stayed in an Hotel, I've just forgotten the name  
of his favourite, off of Sloane St in Knightsbridge.  I remember now,  
it was the Cadogon.  When Gerry would ring Mother and Alan to say he  
would be in London, Mother & Alan would invite him for dinner, to  
which Gerry would say "we will be eight", and that's if Mother was  
lucky because it could be more!  Gerry always travelled with an  
entourage.  When Larry would ring he would say, as a joke, "We will be  
one", "Shall I bring the sausages?"

Anyway, if there had been a Blue plaque, and I feel certain Larry  
wouldn't have wanted one, it would be at 16 Hobury Street.

I'm not comfortable discussing Larry and Margaret's relationship, and  
I feel sure I shouldn't.  I see that Richard Pine has just shed some  
light on the subject.


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>  Is there a Blue plaque for Durrell in London? And if so where? I have
> been spending time in Nottinghill and was hoping to spot one. I saw
> Orwells, (he has two in London, the other on Parliament Hill) But is
> there going to be one I have missed? Also did anyone know about  
> Margaret
> McCall having an affair with Lawrence? Just wanted to chat and this  
> was
> all I could think of, RW
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