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I think that probabbly LD integrated!!! And became 
part of the landscape. That is a richness that few 
are able to achieve. Just guessing, but Douglas 
must have judged and measured by standards that 
came from elsewhere. Just finished The Great 
Gatsby: Fitzgerald understood the people he wrote 
about. I have always maintained that LD must have 
lived what he wrote about: that is what grabbed me 
by the guts (and still does).

Denise Tart & David Green a écrit :
> Something that is emerging from the pages of Old Calabria is a very 
> different treatment of the local peasants by Douglas compared to 
> Durrell. Douglas describes melancholy villages, medieval superstition to 
> the point of imbecility, incompetent local administration and people not 
> only 'nasty, brutush and short', but also bereft of soul and spirit by 
> the unending grind of daily existence - a far cry from the merry 
> characters that Larry portrays - father Nicholas, Manoli the philosopher 
> fisherman, the likeable rogue Frangos, to name but a few. Of course 
> Larry lived closer to the peasants than Douglas, whose view seems far 
> more patrician, and perhaps Greek island peasants are more contented 
> souls, but is worth asking the question of whether Larry romanticises 
> his peasants somewhat?
> So far, from my readings of Old Calabria, I understand why so many 
> Italian immigrants to Australia, and doubtless the USA also, came from 
> this region - and Sicily!
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