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Reading Old Calabria now. Very Polished, but witty also. I can see that Larry wanted to adapt this type of writing to a more earthy, gutsy 20th century prose. Agree with you about the nod to Old Calabria. Denise and I are going to do that trip in a couple of years; Venice to Corfu and then  on to Rhodes, Cyprus and Alexandria. Have not been to Greece since 1985. I remeber temples and old cities, swimming in the Med. drinking in taverns with American millionaires and Greek peasants, seeing English tourists in tweed jackets eating fish and chips instead of the fabo local tucker. I got into the retsina one night and spent the night on the tiles outside some remote building on Paros and woke to the prospect of a three mile walk to the nearest town. What fun. Peasants on donkeys waved to me etc..

I loved it then, but imagine Greece much changed?

On with Old Calabria

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  I don't know whether it's been remarked upon before, but I've always assumed that the opening sentence of /Prospero's Cell/ -- "Somewhere between Calabria and Corfu the blue really begins" -- refers to Durrell's initial approach to Corfu while acknowledging Douglas's best book, /Old Calabria/, AND signalling a new, less patrician manner of dealing with the sort of material that Douglas had made his own.  Grove Koger


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