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Actually, I am subscribed, but I was late -- and I did it only a few days ago.

I shall have to see what I can do.

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>Sink or Skim
>Michael Wood
>London Review of Books
>1 Jan 2009
> > * Clea by Lawrence Durrell
> >
> > ‘At night,’ Roland Barthes once wrote, ‘the adjectives come back.’
> > It’s an eerie and sobering thought for writers who have been trying to
> > clean up their act during the day, but for Lawrence Durrell as for
> > Conrad adjectives don’t come back because they never left. If there is
> > a mystery in Conrad it’s inscrutable, if there’s a tangle in Durrell
> > it’s inextricable. And to stay with the latter: if there’s a treasury
> > it’s inexhaustible, creatures of habit are inveterate, dusk is blue,
> > shadows and trams are violet, dawn is mauve ­ but then so are voices
> > and a mosque.
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