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Rupert has been out here recently - yes, he returns occassionally to the land of his birth, mainly to tell us how we should be running things better - and this he did in a series of 'Boyer' lectures covering quite a spectrum of Australian political, cultural and social life; not bad for a man who claims he barely reads, newspapers excepted.
Like many really wealthy people, he thinks very highly of his own opinions and is happy to speak on wide-ranging topics.

As to how Durrellian he is, I suspect that the multiple wives and the mild eccentricities mentioned by Nick Shakespeare, are where any comparison begins and ends. Were Rupert and LD to have luncheon together today, I wonder how it would go? I do not think they even have alcohol in common. I suppose Durrell was a press attache for a while, so there is that at the women.

Despite his apparently unassuming manner, Murdoch is an opinionated egotist, an empire builder who plays with other peoples lives, jobs and fortunes. In this country he is regarded as something of a traitor because he changed his citizenship so he could swim in the much bigger American ocean, so to speak, Port Jackson having become too small for his vast ambition.

I cannot imagine Rupert reading Rabelaise or getting drunk with Frangos in Clito's tavern. None the less, I am glad there is another connection now between LD and Australia. The first I know of was when drunken Aussie soldiers broke into a store room on board ship during the flight from Greece and got some milk powder for baby Penny. The second Now appear to be lunch with Rupert. In this case I am sure Rupert's interests were reportage.

Anyway, thanks Charles


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